Our Story Begins Here

That's the place where we started our journey one evening in front of beautiful Darwin sunset, with lots of hopes & thoughts.

About our store

Passion, creativity and resilience are the most crucial skills in business. If you’ve got those, you’re ready to embark on the journey...

On every morning when you get ready for your daily chores, there are always few thoughts, to achieve something extra on that day. Few lucky people manage to procure their target of the day easily and rest despite being of great efforts, just go to sleep at the end with a dream and a plan for next day.

TSHIRTMATE is born from that second category people. While we were busy in our routine works, but there was always a small entrepreneur at a tiny corner of heart.

We want to provide quality solution in custom tshirt printing. Australia is a land of multi cultures. Each culture has brought a different flavour to AustralianHood. Our aim is to celebrate those feelings & activities through printing.

We, at TSHIRTMATE try to bring the art on thread in fun way so that our customers can enjoy their moment. Thanks! Happy Shopping!